Precision Balls

Tungsten Carbide Balls (Inch and Metric Sizes)

Tungsten Carbide Balls

General Information:
Tungsten Carbide balls are used where extreme hardness and wear resistance is required. Typical applications are valves in high precision hydraulic systems, high load bearings, ball-screws and linear bearings. They are also used for coining, pivots, detents and tips for gauging and tracers.
Basic Composition:
Tungsten Carbide 93.5/94.5%
Cobalt 5.5/6.5%
Mechanical Properties:  
Hardness 90.5-91.5 Rockwell 'A'
Density 0.54lbs/ Approx.
Specific Gravity 14.85/15.05
Max. Useful Temperature 430Deg.C (800Deg.F)
Magnetic Properties Slightly Magnetic
Size Range:  
Imperial 1/64" to 1" inclusive
Metric 1.0mm to 25.0mm inclusive (Larger sizes in both ranges to order)
Basic Dia.Tolerance ±.0001" (0.0025mm)
Sphericity .000025" (0.00064mm)
Surface Finish (AA) 1.5 micro-inch
Corrosion Resistance:
Tungsten carbide itself is practically inert and any attack is usually on the cobalt binder. The selection of tungsten carbide solely for corrosion resistance is usually not justified as lower cost materials are available.

Tungsten Carbide Balls (Decimal Sizes)
4,500 sizes from .050" to .505" (1.27mm to 12.82mm) in .0001" (.0025mm) increments.
This wide range is primarily intended for ballizing (hole sizing) operations which in the majority of cases require the use of 'odd' size balls. Other uses include gauge setting, gauging of threads and holes, special bearings and coining operations.

Tungsten Carbide Master Balls
Super Precision Balls with a diameter tolerance of ±.00001" and sphericity of .00001". Surface finish, 1 micro-inch. Specially treated for dimensional stability. For use as tool-room masters, measuring standards etc.. Size range: Imperial 1 / 16" to 1"; Metric 1mm to 25mm.

ISO 9001:2000

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