Burnishing Tools

Sugino Superoll Roller Burnishing Tool Mirror-finish Surfaces through Plastic Working.

Burnishing Tools

  • Finished to a mirror surface in one pass
  • Work hardening of the finished surface
  • Quick-touch, fine-adjustment mechanism
  • Low running cost
  • Attachable to lathes, boring machines, NC machines

A set of special rollers compresses the metal surface to obtain a smooth finish through the same operating principle as that of road rollers leveling the road surface.

This is the Roller Burnishing Work Method. This is a plastic work method entirely different from the “finishing method by shaving”; thus, after passage of the rollers, surface roughness is improved into a harder mirror-finished surface.

For through or blind hole operations from 4.45mm to 200mm diameters and for shaft and stepped shafts from 3.05mm to 64mm diameters.

ISO 9001:2000