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Ball Plug Gauges

ball Gauges

Tungsten carbide Ball Plug Gauges are used for production gauging of holes, checking radii and hole centres, thread and gear measurement and many other ingenious uses.

Having only line contact they enter holes easily from any angle without jamming. This makes them ideal for fast gauging of repetition parts by production operators. They give greater sensitivity in detecting bellmouth, taper and barrel conditions and are particularly useful for checking holes in thin sections. The wear and corrosion resistance of tungsten carbide ensures long life and consistent accuracy.

ISO 9001:2000

Special Materials

Titanium Carbide
Silicon Carbide
Polycarbonate Resin
Acetal Resin
Carpenter 20 Cb-3
M-50 High Speed Steel Cubic Zirconia
Silicon Nitride
Optical Quality Glass