Precision Balls

Monel and 'K' Monel Balls

General Information:
Monel is a nickel-copper alloy that is extensively used where qualities of high strength, toughness and corrosion resistance are required. K-Monel has the same useful characteristics but in addition offers greater strength and higher hardness. It is also nonmagnetic Monel and K-Monel Balls are used in valves, pumps and other applications in marine, chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, textile, laundry and paper industries.
Basic Composition: Monel K-Monel
Nickel 65 / 70% 65 / 70%
Iron 2.5% Max. 2.0% Max.
Aluminium --- 2/4%
Others 3.5% Max. 3.5% Max.
Copper Balance Balance
Mechanical Properties:    
Hardness 85-95 Rockwell 'B' 27-33 Rockwell 'C'
Density 0.319lbs/ 0.306lbs/
Specific Gravity 8.84 8.47
Size Range:    
Imperial 3/16" to 2" inclusive  
Metric To special Order  
Tolerances: Up to 1" Over 1"
Basic Dia.Tolerance. ±.002" ±.003"
Sphericity .0002" .0005"
Corrosion Resistance:
Monel offers good resistance to corrosion by all acids except those of a highly oxidising character. It offers useful resistance to corrosion by all common organic acids and is practically free from corrosion by neutral and alkaline organic compounds and most alkaline solutions. Resistance to the effects of salt and fresh water is excellent and is recommended for use with benzoic, formic, citric, malic, lactic and tartaric acids.

ISO 9001:2000

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