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Brass and Phosphor Bronze Balls

Bronze Balls

General Information:
Brass and Phosphor Bronze Balls are used mainly in low cost non-return valves. They are tough, nonmagnetic and having good electrical conductivity are frequently used in electrical apparatus.
Basic Composition:
Brass Approx. 60% Copper, balance Zinc
Phosphor Bronze Approx. 92% Copper, balance Tin
Mechanical Properties: Brass Phosphor Bronze
Hardness 180-200 Brinell 200-220 Brinell
Density 0.304lbs/ 0.307lbs/
Specific Gravity 8.4 approx. 8.5approx.
Size Range:    
Imperial 1/16" to 7/8" 1/16" to2.1/2"
Metric 1mm to 25mm 1mm to 50mm
Tolerances: Up to 1" Over 1"
Basic Dia.Tolerance ±.002" ±.005"
Sphericity .0005" .0005"
Corrosion Resistance:
Brass and Phosphor Bronze Balls have excellent resistance to corrosion by water, steam, mineral oils and petroleum spirit.

ISO 9001:2000

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