Precision Balls

Synthetic Sapphire (Ruby) Balls

Synthetic Sapphire (Ruby) Balls

General Information:
Synthetic Sapphire Balls are used in bearings, and as wear points in instruments and gauging devices. They are also used in flowmeters, valves and other applications requiring hardness, lightness, corrosion resistance and electrical non-conductivity. They are nonmagnetic and resistant to extreme high temperature.
Basic Composition:
Aluminium Oxide 99.99% Max.
Single crystal structure, not a sintered product.  
Mechanical Properties:  
Hardness (Knoop) 1525-2000
Density 0.144lbs/
Specific Gravity 3.99 approx.
Max. Useful Temperature 1788Deg.C (3250Deg.F)
Size Range:  
Imperial 1/64" to 3/8" inclusive
Metric 0.40mm to 8.0mm inclusive
Basic Dia.Tolerance ±.0001" (0.0025mm)
Sphericity .000025" (0.00064mm)
Surface Finish (AA) 1.5 micro-inch
Corrosion Resistance:
Synthetic Sapphire is practically inert to most acids and or hydroxides. It is resistant to a large variety of reagents even at very high temperatures (982 Deg.C). Hydrogen fluoride does not attack sapphire up to 298 Deg.C.

ISO 9001:2000

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