Carbide Cutting Tools

Carbide End Mills

Quality Carbide Tool’s solid carbide end mills are an ideal tool for tough or abrasive materials that cannot be effectively machined with a high speed steel end mill. They are a good choice for many milling applications and have the benefit of high heat resistance. Much higher production can be reached since solid carbide end mills can be run faster

Carbide End Mills

Our end mills are CNC ground and have extremely good finishes on the cutting edge. Take advantage of Quality Carbide Tool’s solid carbide end mills and achieve cleaner cuts, longer tool life and better work piece finishes.

Select the best tool for your specific application. Our solid carbide end mills are available in many standard sizes. By combining diameter, flute length, the number of flutes and other sizing considerations, you can achieve a good milling operation. End mills are available in diameters from 1mm through to 25mm.

ISO 9001:2000